Big Brother is watching you.

Every time you see a like button, facebook knows you have visited the page. Every time you send or receive a gmail, google top up your profile. Every time you make a search, google record your interest. Every day, year after year.

They bind the information to your ip address in the Internet, to your facebook or google account. They track you with their cookies even you are logged out. They really are todays Big Brothers.
Kid Brother Kid Brother proxy Kid Brother crypto

Kid Brother

Kid Brother's focus is on making Big Brothers life difficult - protect your privacy. For this we create free tools to make your profiling harder or impossible. So far we have developed two tool:
  • Kid Brother proxy. This is a free proxy that will block automatically all the facebook related parts from the pages you are visitng. In other words facebook will not know that you visited the page. Also embedded google ads, statistics and apis are removed for same reason. You can find more information about the proxy here.
  • Kid Brother crypto. This is a free program to encrypt/decrypt your messages and/or files you are sending and receiving over the internet. In other words you cannot be profiled based on these messages. You can find more information about crypto here.

Kid Brother is not watching you!

We do want to keep these services free for all but the development and servers do have their costs and we don't have the Big Brothers amount of money for our services. So if you can and want to help us, please consider a donation.

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